These beautiful puppies are sold, but I wanted everyone to see how pretty a schnauzer puppy is. 

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Welcome to

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Welcome to Indiana Schnauzer Puppies!!    My name is Brenda

This is where my dreams come true of producing some of the most beautiful Schnauzer puppies around.   I carry several  colors besides the normal colors.  We have  Black and Silver, Blacks,   Salt and pepper, Chocolate parti, Black and White Parti,   Liver (aka) Chocolate  and   Liver Tan Schnauzers.   You can go to the Boys and Girls pages to see the colors of the adults.     I don’t always have every color available, but if you are wanting a certain color,  please do not hesitate to ask to be put on a waiting list.   

In my opinion, Miniature Schnauzers are the best pet dog for anyone of any age.   They are  sweet, loyal, loving, playful, good natured dogs, that like being with their family.  They train easily, make a good watch dog, they don’t shed which is good for people who suffer allergies, and best of all…they just seem to love life and the people they are  with!!  Not to big, not to small, just the perfect little 4 legged friend!!!


Miniature Schnauzer taking a walkMiniature Schnauzer taking a walkMiniature Schnauzer taking a walk



I am not a kennel, my schnauzers are my pets that live with me in my home.  When I have a mommy expecting, she stays in my bedroom with me where I can keep a close watch over her.   When puppies are born, I am right there with her until the last puppy is born.   Mommy and her puppies stay in my bedroom until puppies are weaned.   Yes its a lot of work!!  But they are my babies and I couldn’t imagine leaving them alone at such a time.    They all get lots of love and attention and with  them being raised indoors they are well socialized and acquainted with all the surrounding noises that go on inside a home.  They are handled and played with daily.  Oh, and they get lots of hugs and kisses too!


Check out the  Schnauzer puppies page and Upcoming Litters pages to see what I have and what I  have coming.   


























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